Totally Unscripted is a Google Workspace developer show organized by the community for the community. We invite members of the community to share their Google Workspace developer tips, tricks and triumphs.

We're Back!!!

Totally Unscripted is a Google Workspace developer show organized by the community for the community. (Finally) back for Season 5, the "TU" crew will take their Totally Unscripted perspectives to talk about new developer features, popular solution trends, best practices, the Google Workspace Marketplace, and, of course, AI with Google Workspace and more! 

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TU5.10 - Stop clicking, start Apps Scripting: The case for automating Google Workspace for EVERYONE

To wrap up the first half of season 5, the Totally Unscripted crew will go back to basics and talk about the perhaps the best-kept secret in the Google Workspace universe, and that’s of course Google Apps Script! While many of our regular viewers surely know how powerful Apps Script can be, we wanted to ask the rest of the Workspace word “Why aren’t you Apps Scripting?!?”

Join us for a fun and whimsical exploration of Google Apps Script, where we’ll uncover why Apps Script is the ultimate productivity sidekick, ready to rescue you from repetitive chores and unleash your creative superpowers. No coding experience? No problem! We'll break it down in a way that's easy to understand, even if you're a tech newbie.

It's time to unlock the full potential of Google Workspace and join the Apps Script revolution. Let's spread the word and empower everyone to automate their way to a more productive and joyful work life!

Join us LIVE on June 12, 2024 at 1100 PDT / 1400 EDT / 1800UTC / 1900 BST

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TU5.9 - What's new in the AppSheet world? A chat with AppSheet Engineering Lead Mike Procopio

AI is changing everything and AppSheet is no exception! In this episode, we will welcome Engineering Lead Mike Procopio from the Google  AppSheet team to hear how AI is driving innovation, enabling assisted app development, automated insights, smart workflows, and more! So whether you are no-code, low-code or “what’s code?”, join us to find out what the future holds for AppSheet for building powerful, intelligent apps with Google Workspace.

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