TU3.18: Developing a market leading Google Workspace Add-on - Behind the scenes at Supermetrics

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Broadcast Date: 10 June 2021


  • Mikael Thuneberg - Supermetrics CEO & Founder

  • James Elderfield - Supermetrics Senior Software Developer

Over half a million people, including marketers, data analysts, and data engineers, use Supermetrics to move data from popular marketing platforms (such as Facebook, Google Ads, and HubSpot) to Google Sheets, Google Data Studio and other destinations. With 10% of global online ad spend reported through Supermetrics and a growing distributed product engineering team, management and testing of their Apps Script deployments is key. In this episode of Totally Unscripted we speak to Supermetrics founder, CEO (and Apps Script developer), Mikael Thuneberg, and Supermetrics senior software developer James Elderfield to find out about Supermetrics development infrastructure and approaches to testing and monitoring.


Show contents:

  • 03:17 - The Mikael/Supermetrics origin story

  • 15:01 - Supermetric Google Sheets Add-on demo and headline infrastructure

  • 32:36 - Strategies and tools for testing and deploying add-ons

  • 38:11 - Error and performance monitoring strategies

  • 42:44 - Data Studio Connector development

  • 50:50 - Discussing Apps Script feature enhancements

  • 54:26 - Data protection requirements and GDPR