TU4.3: Create your approvals hub by bringing DocuSign into Google Workspace

Audio only (podcast)

Show contents:

  • 04:30 Overview of DocuSign service

  • 09:15 Overview of DocuSign Developer APIs

  • 14:33 Development and release of a DocuSign Google Apps Script client library

  • 21:40 Support available to developers using DocuSign APIs

  • 27:10 Discussion around the customer ecosystem

  • 47:40 Views on Google Workspace and future development for Google Apps Script

Show Notes

Broadcast Date: 29 September 2021


  • Jeremy Glassenberg - Lead Product Manager, DocuSign

  • Nima Poulad - Senior Software Engineer, DocuSign

If you have had to electronically sign a document before you are likely to be one of the 200+ million users who have used DocuSign. DocuSign provides a suite of services to support the entire contract lifecycle from eSignature to automation to analysis. Whilst DocuSign has its own full range of services and integrations DocuSign developers and partners build the customized and integrated experiences that account for roughly 60% of all of DocuSign’s transactions. In this episode of Totally Unscripted we are joined by Jeremy Glassenberg, Product Leader APIs and Nima Poulad, Senior Software Engineer both at DocuSign. Jermey and Nima will provide an overview of DocuSign APIs and opportunities to integrate with Google Workspace.