TU5.10 - Stop clicking, start Apps Scripting; The case for automating Google Workspace for EVERYONE!

Audio only (podcast)

Key Moments:

Community and Resources (04:56): The hosts explore the vibrant App Script community, highlighting valuable resources like Google Groups, Stack Overflow, and the Workspace Developer Connect Community. They emphasize the importance of collaboration and learning from others.

Getting Started (08:16): We offer practical guidance for beginners, discussing tools like the App Script dashboard, the episode builder, and readily available samples and documentation. They encourage exploring the marketplace for pre-built code.

The Power of Automation (17:09): The hosts delve into the practical applications of App Script. Charles showcases how he automates the production of the show, using App Script to create episode folders, documents, and calendar invites.

App Script in Action (29:58): Martin demonstrates a live coding session, showcasing the ease with which App Script can interact managing status updates within a spreadsheet, and demonstrates how App Script can interact with Google Maps. We discuss the use of AI tools like Gemini to generate code and debug errors.

The Importance of the Community (35:00): The conversation focuses on the value of the App Script community and how it can help overcome challenges. They discuss how Google Groups and Stack Overflow serve as valuable resources for users, emphasizing the power of collaboration and learning from others' experiences. 

Show Notes

Broadcast Date: 12 June 2024

To wrap up the first half of season 5, the Totally Unscripted crew go back to basics and talk about the perhaps the best-kept secret in the Google Workspace universe, and that’s of course Google Apps Script! While many of our regular viewers surely know how powerful Apps Script can be, we wanted to ask the rest of the Workspace world “Why aren’t you Apps Scripting?!?”

Join us for a fun and whimsical exploration of Google Apps Script, where we uncover why Apps Script is the ultimate productivity sidekick, ready to rescue you from repetitive chores and unleash your creative superpowers. No coding experience? No problem! We'll break it down in a way that's easy to understand, even if you're a tech newbie.

It's time to unlock the full potential of Google Workspace and join the Apps Script revolution. Let's spread the word and empower everyone to automate their way to a more productive and joyful work life!

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