TU3.11: No-Code Workflow Automation in Google Workspace

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Broadcast Date: 11 February 2021

Guests: Vahid Taslimi - CEO zenphi and Aravin Srinivasan - CTO zenphi

In this episode of Totally Unscripted we look at no-code solutions for Google Workspace automation. We are joined by no-code and automation experts Vahid Taslimi and Aravin Srinivasan from zenphi. Zenphi is a no-code business process automation platform, designed from the ground up for Google Workspace. With Vahid and Aravin we see how zenphi can be used to automate processes from basic mail merge to more complicated approval workflows, all utilizing zenphi’s no-code drag and drop flow generator. We also learn how they have approached the challenge to support users in taking more ownership of their business processes and considerations for other Workspace developers.


Show contents:

  • 03:18​ - About Vahid and Aravin

  • 06:45​ - Benefits/opportunities of Google Workspace workflow customization

  • 14:56​ - zenphi workflow demo

  • 37:07​ - zenphi integrations and customization

  • 39:33​ - Updating Google sheets and workflow escalation

  • 44:56​ - How do no-code solutions fit within the developer community

  • 49:32​ - Oversight and administration tips for enterprise automation