TU5.8 -Apps Script and Gemini Next '24 Redux: Build custom AI-powered Google Workspace solutions

Audio only (podcast)

Key Moments:

(0:05) Google Cloud Next & Introducing Duet AI/Gemini 

We start with a recap of Google Cloud Next, highlighting the event's energy and key takeaways. 

(5:14) Extracting Insights & Building with Duet AI/Gemini 

We dive deeper into Gemini's capabilities, with Alice demonstrating how it extracts data from emails and Google Drive, generates insights, and assists in building spreadsheets and dashboards. Alice shows how Gemini can generate Apps Script code, enabling the creation of custom solutions and visualizations. 

(22:05) Custom Functions & User-Centric Solutions 

We then show some examples of how the Gemini API can be used across Google Workspace apps, including custom functions in Google Sheets

(34:00) Bulk Automation & Content Evaluation with AI 

The focus turns to bulk automation tasks, showcasing some Google Workspace editor add-ons that uses the Gemini API to process and summarize multiple documents simultaneously, evaluate Google Slide design and content.

(46:54) Taming Workflows & Streamlining Communication 

We demo a Google Docs add-on that assists with document naming and deletion based on AI-generated summaries. We also demonstrate a Gmail add-on that analyzes emails, extracts key information, and integrates with external platforms like Jira to provide context and support for customer interactions.

(59:59): Chat-Based Solutions & Enhancing Collaboration 

We turn our attention to the realm of Google Chat based solutions, showcasing a workspace add-on that automatically summarizes updates within a Google Chat space, facilitating efficient team collaboration and knowledge sharing.

(1:10:38): Link Previews & Vertex AI Integration 

We look at a new way to extend the user interface through link previews within Google Docs. We demonstrate an add-on that provides AI-generated summaries for Google Workspace developer documentation.

(1:23:41) Advanced Libraries, Function Calling & Future Possibilities 

We finally explore advanced techniques using the GeminiApp library, which simplifies integration with Gemini and enables function calling for enhanced automation such as personalised mail merges. 

Show Notes

Broadcast Date: 17 April 2024

Join the TU team as we delve into the world of custom generative AI solutions for Google Workspace using Apps Script. Discover how developers are seamlessly integrating Gemini's large language models to revolutionize productivity and automation. We'll explore real-world examples demonstrating how AI can supercharge your Workspace experience. Imagine having Gemini as your Apps Script coding assistant, intelligently naming untitled documents, crafting next-generation mail merges, and so much more. 

Get ready to learn, be inspired, and unlock the full potential of intelligent automation within Google Workspace.

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