TU4.2: Automating your workflows with Document AI

Audio only (podcast)

Show contents:

  • 02:12 - Meeting Anu Srivastava and overview of Document AI

  • 07:57 - Demo of Document AI

  • 15:43 - Discussing the existing trained models and options

  • 21:30 - The types of data included the Document AI API response

  • 27:40 - Potential use cases for Document AI

  • 32:30 - Options for validating and verifying data from Document AI

  • 39:45 - Document layout information return in Document AI

  • 44:10 - Where to go for support and guidance

Show Notes

Broadcast Date: 22 September 2021


  • Guest: Anu Srivastava, Applied AI Engineer, Google Cloud

Document AI uses machine learning on a scalable cloud-based platform to help your organization efficiently scan, analyze, and understand documents. Manually inputting invoices, receipts, and expenses can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. The Procurement Document AI is a tool that allows you to digitize unstructured content into structured data. This is just one of the many scenarios where Document AI can be used to develop smart workflows. In this episode of Totally Unscripted we are joined by Anu Srivastava, Applied AI Engineer, Google Cloud, who will show how Document AI can be used to automate a range of workflows.