TU4.4: Never lost for Words: The art of building Google Workspace Developer Documentation

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Broadcast Date: 06 October 2021


  • Kara Ireland - Technical Writer, Google Workspace Developers

  • Nathan Gammie - Documentation Manager, Google Workspace Developers

Imagine trying to be a successful developer without good documentation? Yet as developers, we often don’t admit how lost we would be without it. Truth is, creating and maintaining developer documentation is an art; Developers demand content that is concise, but thorough; simple to find and up to date, while covering every obscure feature ever released. If developing a solution is a journey for developers, it’s technical writers who are the unsung heroes who guide us to success with their thoughtful art. In this episode of Totally Unscripted, Kara Ireland and Nathan Gammie will join us from the Google Workspace Developers documentation team, who will give a glimpse into how their team creates the content that keeps Workspace developers on a journey to success