TU15: Google App Maker Q&A

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Broadcast Date: 6 July 2018

Presenters: James Ferreira and Martin Hawksey

Google App Maker lets you build powerful apps for your business, fast. App Maker is now included with G Suite Business and Enterprise editions, as well as, with G Suite for Education. With templates, drag-and-drop UI design and declarative data modeling it makes it easy for IT developers and enthusiasts to build apps that empower your teams.

In this session we were joined by James Ferreira from AppMakerUniversity.com to answer all your App Maker questions.


Questions Jump

  • 0:02:17 Who has access to App Maker?

  • 0:05:34 What is the difference between App Maker and HTML Service?

  • 0:09:25 Domain restrictions when using App Maker

  • 0:11:44 How complicated can you get with App Maker without writing any code?

  • 0:14:25 Do you have to use Google Cloud SQL with App Maker?

  • 0:16:39 How much does it cost to run Cloud SQL for App Maker?

  • 0:19:40 Opportunities for Edu partnering to use App Maker

  • 0:20:48 What resources are available to get started with App Maker?

  • 0:26:15 Where to find out more about managing SQL databases?

  • 0:29:10 What other integrations does App Maker have with other Google products?

  • 0:30:12 Can App Maker be used offline?

  • 0:31:26 Does App Maker have a way of letting users pick files from Drive/Team Drive?

  • 0:32:40 Can you use existing Google Apps Script code in App Maker?

  • 0:34:49 Can App Maker be setup to me mobile friendly?

  • 0:37:39 Is there a particular forum to get support for developing with App Maker?