TU8: Firebase Special

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Broadcast Date: 05 May 2017

Presenters: Martin Hawksey, Romain Vialard, Bruce Mcpherson, Steve Webster

In this episode Martin Hawksey demonstrates the basic setup of a Firebase Database for use in Google Apps Script. We are joined by Romain Vialard who demonstrates how Firebase Databases are used in the YAMM add-on for real-time reporting. In our final example Bruce Mcpherson demonstrates how Firebase Authentication is used in Ephemeral Exchange (EffEx).

Resources (see highlights below for additional links):


Introduction to Firebase Databases in Google Apps Script

In this clip from Totally Unscripted Episode 8 Martin Hawksey provides a introduction to using Firebase Databases in Google Apps Script projects which includes basic setup and the process for writing/reading data. This tutorial is based on this Quickstart: Read and write data in Firebase from Apps Script


Real-time reporting from Firebase with Google Apps Script

Romain Vialard demonstrates how Firebase Databases are used in the Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) add-on for real-time reporting of email opens and other interactions by using the Apps Script HTMLService and the Firebase JavaScript SDK.


Firebase Authentication Opportunities

Bruce Mcpherson demonstrates how the Firebase JavaScript SDK is also used with Firebase Authentication in Ephemeral Exchange (EffEx). Firebase Authentication is used to administer access and generate a universally unique identifier (UUID) to store user properties.


Outages, Authorization and Google Sites News

We cover some of the recent Google Apps Script developments including announcement that there will be a Google Sites API for the new version of Sites, the new Apps Script metrics console for admins, and we discuss the recent outage which affected Apps Script Add-ons.