TU3.12: Modernize your Workspace Editor Add-ons development with Angular

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Broadcast Date: 25 February 2021

Guests: Spencer Easton, Amplified IT

We all love the flexibility HTMLService gives us when developing Google Workspace Editor Add-ons, but what happens when you need to scale your production? Web application frameworks provide a way to deploy and develop your code in a structured way making it easier to maintain your code base. Angular is one open-source web application framework that can be used to modernize your Workspace Editor Add-on development. In this episode we are joined by Spencer Easton who shares how Amplified IT have adopted Angular for their Add-on development. As part of this we explore the benefits using Angular including a component-based architecture, internationalization and performance.


Show contents:

02:12​ - Intros and context

06:50​ - Getting started with Angular

09:15​ - Demo of Angular in Apps Script

17:51​ - Discussing benefits of breaking out of Apps Script and using REST APIs

23:53​ - When Angular works best

31:48​ - Source control and multi-developer framework

35:05​ - What a complied Apps Script project using Angular looks like

39:14​ - Cost of using Angular

41:08​ - Deploying to multiple domains and Firebase authentication

49:12​ - Discussing HTMLService sustainability/future use

54:20​ - How to follow-up with questions for Spencer