TU3.10: Preaching to the Converted - Convert Microsoft Excel files with macros to Google Sheets

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Broadcast Date: 04 February 2021


  • Keith Einstein - Product Manager of Apps Script, Google

  • Arijit De - Software Engineer, Google

  • Bruce Mcpherson - Author of ‘Going GAS: From VBA to Google Apps Script

In this episode we discuss the Macro Converter Add-on, a tool developed by Google to support Enterprise users with the conversion of MS Excel files with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code to Google Sheets/Apps Script. For the episode we are joined by Apps Script PM, Keith Einstein, and Arijit De who is one of the Google Software Engineers behind the development of the Macro Converter. We are also joined by Bruce Mcpherson author of ‘Going GAS: From VBA to Google Apps Script’, who provides tips and insights on VBA to Apps Script migration.


Show contents:

  • 02:28​ - Background to development of the Macro Converter

  • 12:10​ - Demo of the Macro Converter

  • 16:26​ - Availability for non-Enterprise users

  • 21:21​ - Extending into other VBA APIs

  • 23:30​ - What to do when your VBA macros can't be converted

  • 26:44​ - Tips for VBA developers starting with Apps Script

  • 31:50​ - Benefits of identifying Excel files with macros

  • 33:40​ - Dialog box conversion

  • 38:50​ - Rethinking macro distribution

  • 43:10​ - Future developments and feedback

  • 48:35​ - Future plans for the existing Google Sheets macro recorder