TU4.1: Wholly Sheets: Tips for building productivity solutions with Google Sheets

Audio only (podcast)

Show contents:

  • 06:01 - Meeting Spencer and Jonathan

  • 12:23 - How to decide if a Google Sheet is the right solution?

  • 20:57 - Tips on optimizing Google Sheet data handling including cache strategies

  • 26:50 - Resources for learning how to develop Google Sheet solutions

  • 31:45 - Techniques for preventing users breaking Google Sheets

  • 39:30 - Discussing no code solutions using AppSheet

  • 45:45 - Sheet Academy (coming soon)

Show Notes

Broadcast Date: 15 September 2021


Spreadsheets are the swiss army knife of productivity tools where they are used (and sometimes misused) as databases, workflow engines, project management tools, custom calculators, and oh yeah… spreadsheets. In this episode of Totally Unscripted, we will chat with Jonathan Butler, Software Engineer at Viriya Consulting, and Spencer Farris, a Google Sheets & Apps Script Consultant, about how they are build spreadsheet solutions that range from small problem-solving automations to full blown critical applications.