TU3.14: Google Apps Script - Discover, Learn and Share

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Broadcast Date: 15 April 2021

Guests: Chanel Greco - saperis (Founder & CEO) and Bruce Mcpherson - Distinguished Google Apps Script Developer

In this episode of Totally Unscripted we explore some of the ways you can extended your own knowledge in Google Apps Script as well as supporting others. We are joined by Chanel Greco (saperis, Founder & CEO) who has quickly established a reputation for producing informative and inspiring Google Workspace and Apps Script tutorial videos. We are also rejoined by Going GAS author Bruce Mcpherson who's recent work on the visual Google Apps Script explorer tool, scrviz, is providing developers with new ways to explore and replicate existing Apps Script projects.


Show contents:

03:13​ - Meeting Chanel Greco

12:45​ - Talking about Google Apps Script Tutorial for Beginners

22:55​ - Common pitfalls for VBA developers coming to Apps Script

29:04​ - Discovering community content on Github with scrviz

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