TU3.9: Getting Schooled on Apps Script - Using Automation in EDU

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Broadcast Date: 28 January 2021

Guests: Alice Keeler - Educational Technology Specialist (alicekeeler.com) and Dave Abouav - Flubaroo and Customer Engineer, Google Cloud

In this episode of Totally Unscripted we explore how Google Apps Script is supporting educators around the world to become more productive and efficient. From grading quizzes to administering class rosters and everything in between, Apps Script can be used to help educators save time in the administration of teaching and learning and spend more time with their students. For this episode we were joined by noted teacher and Apps Script creator Alice Keeler (alicekeeler.com) as well as Dave Abouav who is a Google Employee and part-time physics teacher and the creator of the popular grading tool Flubaroo.

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Show contents:

  • 03:40 - Meeting Dave and Flubaroo

  • 07:45 - Meeting Alice

  • 09:38 - Why Apps Script resonates with educators

  • 11:21 - Examples of Apps Script helping automate repetitive tasks

  • 14:15 - Using Apps Script to support learner interaction

  • 18:00 - Teachers turned Apps Script contributors

  • 21:35 - Giving teachers confidence to code

  • 24:04 - Kids contributing code

  • 26:00 - Data/privacy discussion

  • 30:51 - Add-on verification tips

  • 32:10 - Using Apps Script to help with parent communications

  • 34:45 - Supporting your Apps Script projects (inc Flubaroo story)

  • 36:43 - Automating Google Classroom with Apps Script

  • 39:38 - Impact of using Apps Script and saving admin time

  • 44:45 - Blockers and tips for starting to use Apps Script

  • 48:14 - Being financially viable and sustainable

  • 50:45 - Script verification, scopes and approval

  • 56:04 - Admin level permissions