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Broadcast Date: 25 Nov 2016

Speakers: Martin Hawksey, Spencer Easton and Bruce Mcpherson

In this installment of Totally Unscripted Martin Hawksey shows how you can use the new Google Slides API in Google Apps Script projects, Spencer Easton shows off his Chrome Extension to maximise the Script Editor window and Bruce Mcpherson demonstrates who to poll for changes in Add-ons.


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Using the Google Slides API with Apps Script

In this clip Martin Hawksey walks through how you can use the Google Slides API in Google Apps Script. The demonstration builds on a similar example of using the Slides API presented by Wesley Chun as part of the G Suite Dev Show. More details about this example and the source code can be found in the code link

Code: View code and tutorial

Customizing the Google Script Editor with Chrome Extensions (Sidebar Toggle)

Spencer Easton demos a chrome extension that adds a button to the Google Apps Script Editor so you can toggle the sidebar open and closed. With this you can now you can have the the sidebar extended to see your long file names and at the push of a button hide it out of view. Install the Google Apps Sidebar Toggle.

This extension is based on the great work done by leonhartX and the Google Apps Script Github Assistant featured in TU4.

Code: View source on Github

Techniques for polling for changes client-side in Google Apps Script

Bruce Mcpherson explains how polling techniques can be used in Google Apps Script to update client side interfaces like sidebars to changes in Google Sheets, Docs or Forms using the Google Drive Realtime API. For more info on the polling example used by Bruce is given in the resources linked below:

Resources: Polling and the Drive changes API - Desktop Liberation

Code: Google Apps Script Editor Code also on Github