TU5.7 - API Mastery in Action: Creating powerful Google Workspace 3P solutions with guest Comeen

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Key Moments:

(00:06): Introduction & Company Background
We introduce guest, Simon Cleriot, CTO of Comeen and briefly discusses the importance of third-party solutions in the Google Workspace landscape, providing an overview of Comeen's mission to build an enterprise-grade solutions for the modern workplace.

(05:19): Comeen's Products: Digital Signage & Workplace Management
Simon delves into Comeen's two main products: a digital signage platform for internal communications and a workplace space management platform. The latter focuses on creating a seamless office experience by integrating with Google Workspace and offering features like desk booking and meeting room optimization.

(08:10): Meeting Room Management Demo
We have a demo of Comeen's meeting room optimization features, highlighting how the platform helps release unused rooms through notifications and automatic check-ins via chat integrations to Google, Slack and Microsoft Teams. This leads to a discussion on the benefits of the Developer Preview Program and how Comeen leverages it to stay ahead.

(17:23): Navigating Google's Ecosystem & Feature Requests
Simon discusses the challenges and rewards of working with Google, emphasizing the need to connect with various product managers and the importance of the Developer Preview Program for early access to features. The conversation also touches upon the public issue tracker and alternative ways to provide feedback.

(21:39): Supporting Multiple Chat Platforms & Future of Chat
Comeen's approach to supporting various chat platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat is discussed. Simon highlights the need for separate code implementations while maintaining a shared business logic layer. The future of Google Chat as a primary platform for businesses is also explored.

(27:53): Integrating AI & NLP with Dialogflow & Gemini
We discuss Comeen's exploration of AI and NLP, showcasing a proof-of-concept demo where users can interact with the chat app using natural language to book rooms and desks. The conversation delves into prompt design, time reasoning, and the importance of user confirmation for actions impacting the physical world.

(39:43): Future Plans, Next '23, & Advice for Developers
Simon shares Comeen's future plans, including further AI integration, the upcoming Meet check-in feature, and exploration of the new Chat app home feature in developer preview. The chapter concludes with advice for aspiring Google Workspace developers, emphasizing the value of documentation, App Script, and the Card Builder tool. 

Show Notes

Broadcast Date: 03 April 2024

The shift to hybrid work models presents unique challenges for businesses.  How do you create a seamless, productive experience for employees in this new environment? These challenges also create opportunities for third parties like Comeen to develop solutions that surface new functionality for Google Workspace customers with deep integrations into services like Google Meet and Google Chat,as well as other platforms like Slack. 

In this episode with Comeen's CTO, Simon Cleriot, we explore the potential of Google Workspace APIs. Simon shares insights into Comeen's philosophy toward API integrations and how they build solutions that transform the hybrid workplace. 

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