TU4.5: Introducing the new Google Workspace Forms API!

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Broadcast Date: 13 October 2021


  • Christian Schalk - Developer Advocate, Google

  • Hannah Pho - Software Engineer, Google

  • Charles Kemp - Strategic Alliances Manager, Zapier

  • Charles Wiles - CEO, Zzish

Google Workspace offers developers REST APIs to interact programmatically with nearly every product and feature within the suite. In this episode of Totally Unscripted, we are going to take a first look at a BRAND NEW Google Forms API for Workspace which was recently announced at Google Cloud Next 2021. We were delighted to have Christian Schalk (Developer Advocate, Google) and Hannah Pho (Software Engineer, Google) as well as early Forms API partners Charles Kemp (Strategic Alliances Manager, Zapier) and Charles Wiles (CEO, Zzish), talk about the new Forms API and how to get started.