Monetization in Add-ons

Add-ons Monetization - Introduction

In this clip from TU3 Steve Webster shares his advice about Add-ons montization looking at a marketing philosophy as well as practical integration with a payment processor, in this case Stripe.

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* You may copy code for monetizing your add-ons. This code is meant to help you without any further support from Steve Webster. Even though this code is used successfully in my add-ons, you understand the use of these code snippets is at your own risk.

Add-ons Monetization - Making money in Add-ons

In this clip from TU4 Steve Webster returns to Totally Unscripted to explain how one Google Add-on developer has gone from a free product to a premium subscription model which has to date grossed $100,000 and a 8% monthly growth. Steve also demos how payments can be managed between a Google Sheet owner and Editor

Code: Stripe Web App - Alan Wells

Code: Stripe and Promises - Bruce Mcpherson