TU3: Add-on Monetization and Exponential Backoff

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Broadcast Date: 16 Sept 2016

Speakers: Spencer Easton, Steve Webster and Bruce Mcpherson

In this show we got Google Add-ons expert Steve Webster back to talk about Add-ons monetization. We also have Bruce Mcpherson given a tutorial on 'Exponential Backoff' so that your scripts play nice with service limits.

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SQL Queries in Google Apps Script

In this clip Spencer Easton highlights how you can still make SQL like queries in Google Apps Script following changes Google have made to Google Sheet data authentication.

Add-ons Monetization

In this clip Steve Webster shares his advice about Add-ons montization looking at a marketing philosophy as well as practical integration with a payment processor, in this case Stripe.

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* You may copy code for monetizing your add-ons. This code is meant to help you without any further support from Steve Webster. Even though this code is used successfully in my add-ons, you understand the use of these code snippets is at your own risk.

Rate limiting optimization in Google Apps Script

In this clip Bruce Mcpherson shows how you can optimize your Google Apps Script execution to handle rate limiting. As part of this you'll learn about measurement windows and how exponential back off can be used to make sure your code isn't just hanging around.

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