TU3.8: Get AMPed about Email

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Broadcast Date: 21 January 2021

Guests: Jon Harmer (Product Manager, Google Workspace) and Steven Bazyl (Developer Relations, Google Cloud)

AMP for Email enables developers to deliver rich, interactive, app like functionality in emails. In this episode of Totally Unscripted we are joined by Jon Harmer and Steven Bazyl who give use an overview of the opportunities when adding AMP for Email and how you can start using it with your Google Workspace Gmail users and beyond.

Show contents:

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  • 03:49 - Intro to AMP for Email

  • 05:15 - Why AMP?

  • 09:48 - Using HTML & CSS with AMP

  • 14:37 - AMP Examples

  • 21:00 - AMP for Email Productivity Use Cases

  • 27:21 - AMP Ecosystem: Delivery, Testing and Clients

  • 28:53 - AMP Playgrounds

  • 31:31 - Developer insight to AMPing email including analytics

  • 41:41 - Limitations and opportunities