TU3.17: Developing Google Workspace workflows with AppSheet Automation

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Broadcast Date: 27 May 2021

Guests: Christian Schalk (Developer Advocate, Google Cloud)

In this episode of Totally Unscripted we are joined by Christian Schalk (Developer Advocate, Google Cloud) to look at AppSheet Automation, which uses Google AI to make it easier to automate business processes. By making it easier to automate processes, AppSheet Automation helps users reduce IT overheads and save money. Automation also includes the ability to build and embed rich AppSheet views in Gmail to perform approvals on the go. In this episode find out everything a Google Workspace developer needs to know about this and other new features in AppSheet.


Show contents:

  • 04:32 - Where does AppSheet fit in in a developer’s toolbox?

  • 07:14 - How far can you take AppSheet and what are the limits/strengths

  • 11:23 - What is the typical user experience using AppSheet in the enterprise?

  • 14:22 - Overview and demo of AppSheet Automation

  • 27:30 - How machine learning and AI can be used in AppSheet?

  • 35:11 - Creating interactive emails with AppSheet

  • 41:40 - How much does AppSheet cost and the pricing structure? (also at 52:02)

  • 46:35 - Does AppSheet run the risk of becoming too complex?